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Major WWE push was pulled due to Superstar being ‘unstable’

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A major WWE push was reportedly pulled due to a Superstar being ‘unstable’ and not being able to perform at a high enough level.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross revealed why the push of Nathan Jones was stopped even though he was in a programme with The Undertaker.

“Physically, he turned heads, but Nathan was not ready to travel” JR revealed on the podcast with his years of experience as Head of Talent Relations being brought to the forefront.

“We’ve had other guys there; their social skills didn’t correspond to their look. It was a fait accompli with Nathan. He was unsteady, he was unstable I thought, a little bit” he concluded.

Why did Nathan Jones leave WWE?

Jones was originally expected to be part of the ‘Taker match at WrestleMania XIX, but instead the ‘Deadman’ would end up facing both A-Train and The Big Show in a handicap match.

Nathan signed with the company in 2002, but due to his prior criminal convictions, he was originally unable to perform in the United States.

He made his debut in April 2003, before then leaving the company in December of that year due to the rigors of road travel.

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