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Top AEW star teases move into boxing

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A top AEW star has teased a move into boxing following the Global Titans event this weekend with Floyd Mayweather vs Deji.

Sammy Guevara worked as a commentator for the Global Titans promotion and he asked the crowd during the event if they wanted to see him in the boxing ring.

“Dubai, do you want to see me box?” Was what the Jericho Appreciation Society member asked, but it was mainly met with apathy from the crowd.

AEW star wants to move into boxing?

Guevara’s fellow commentator suggested that he try again, and Sammy said: “Hey Dubai, I know you guys are stupid, but I asked, do you guys want to see me box? Never say never, and if the right opportunity comes, anybody can get it.” 

Clearly, Sammy seems to be trying to set himself up as a heel for the boxing fans over in the Middle East, but will it actually work?

Jake Paul has been a pretty big draw over the past couple of years, with people seemingly paying to hopefully see him get knocked out. Can Guevara be a similar level of the despicable heel to boxing fans?

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