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WWE RAW: Update to backstage ‘fight’ that reportedly took place following the main event this week

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In the world of professional wrestling, drama isn’t confined to the ring. This week’s episode of WWE RAW was no exception.

Reports of a backstage argument following the main event have been doing the rounds. The match featured The Judgment Day squaring off against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins.

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WWE RAW Argument: A Difference of Opinion

Despite the initial reports, insiders within the company have downplayed the incident, describing it as more of a “difference of opinion” than a full-blown argument.

The disagreement reportedly stemmed from several last-minute changes to the match, which continued right up until the second set of ring entrances, as reported by PWInsider.

Impact on the Match

These last-minute changes disrupted the flow of the match, leading to frustration among the talents involved. Some believe that these changes contributed to the post-match argument.

However, it’s important to note that the company is currently doing great business, and everyone is keen to maintain this momentum.

This heightened sensitivity could occasionally lead to disagreements over how individuals are booked in their matches and segments.

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WWE RAW: The Aftermath

Fightful Select reported that Kevin Owens left the building immediately after the match due to other obligations. Seth Rollins, on the other hand, reportedly took a big hit during the match: “We’re told Kevin Owens actually left almost immediately following the match, as he had prior obligations. Rollins got cracked pretty hard during the match, but haven’t heard anything else out of the ordinary aside from frustration over how the match went.”

Despite the tension, the incident appears to be water under the bridge, with the argument not escalating to physical confrontation.

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Moving Forward

The incident seems to be a case of frustration boiling over due to late changes, rather than a serious dispute.

The company is confident that it won’t be an issue moving forward. The focus remains on maintaining the current momentum and ensuring that the WWE continues to deliver exciting and engaging content to its fans.

In the high-pressure world of professional wrestling, disagreements are bound to happen. However, it’s how these disagreements are handled and resolved that truly matters.

This incident serves as a reminder that even in the world of scripted fights, real-life tensions can sometimes surface. But as always, the show must go on.

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