Kane is a semi-retired professional wrestler and now a successful politician - here is all you need to know about him.
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Kane is a semi-retired professional wrestler who has spent the majority of his career with the WWF/WWE.

Kane – whose real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs – was born in Spain on April 26th, 1967. He is 55 years of age and in terms of height he is a veritable giant – standing a massive 7ft tall (2.13m).

After wrestling for various independent territories, he signed with WWE in 1995 and was shortly later given the gimmick of a psychotic dentist named Isaac Yankem. He would become involved in a short feud with Bret Hart.

Thereafter, he debuted as ’˜Fake Diesel’ as WWE poked fun at Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leaving for WCW.

By 1997, WWE had started to allude to, via Paul Bearer, a long-lost brother of The Undertaker, whom Taker had assumed had died years previously.

At Badd Blood, Kane debuted as he interfered in a Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. He donned a red suit and a mask to hide his scars, while he appeared able to manipulate fire.

He used the Tombstone Piledriver to take down his brother.

At Wrestlemania 14, he faced The Undertaker in a losing effort.

At the 1998 King of the Ring, he won his first WWF Championship after defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match. The victory came in the same night as the famed Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and Mick Foley, both of whom interfered in the title match.

The next night on Monday Night Raw, Kane dropped the title to Austin.

Kane would subsequently team with The Undertaker in a pairing known as The Brothers of Destruction before Taker betrayed his younger brother.

After being part of the villainous Corporation for a period, Kane turned babyface and won the WWE Tag Team Championships with X-Pac. The pair became fan favourites as Kane showed more of a human side to his character.

However, X-Pac would betray Kane for D-Generation X, taking his girlfriend Tori in the process.

From then on into 2000, Kane would feud with the McMahon-Helmsey Faction.

After a short heel feud with Chris Jericho, he would form the Brothers of Destruction again with The Undertaker, with the pair taking part in the Invasion storyline as part of Team WWF.

In 2002, Kane would take part in a controversial storyline with Triple H which included Triple H accusing him of necrophilia with a woman named Katie Vick. 

In 2003, in a feud with Triple H, Kane was informed that he would be forced to remove his mask if he was unable to win the World Heavyweight Championship. He lost the match against The Game, and for the first time in his career removed his mask.

The trauma of removing the mask turned Kane heel, and the scars he was believed to have had turned out to be psychological. He would fully turn heel by setting Jim Ross on fire.

Kane would be involved in the title picture and also a feud with former Tag Team partner, Rob Van Dam.

At Wrestlemania 20, he faced the returning Undertaker after previously shelving the deadman by burying him alive at the previous Survivor Series.

Between 2005 and 2008 he took part in various feuds and also won the World Tag Team Championships with Big Show.

Kane would later join the rebranded ECW as champion, having defeated Chavo Guerrero for the title at Wrestlemania 24.

A couple of years later, The Big Red Machine won the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashed it in on Rey Mysterio in the same night, winning his first World Heavyweight Championship.

He later feuded with The Undertaker, Edge, Mysterio and Alberto del Rio over the title.

By 2011, Kane had donned his mask again and it was in this persona he teamed with Daniel Bryan to form Team Hell No. Two years later, however, he would turn heel and join the Authority, pledging his allegiance to Stephanie McMahon. He took off his mask again and started wearing suits. He was given the title as Director of Operations.

Throughout this period he would feud with various superstars as a member of The Authority, including John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and The Shield.

In his remaining few years as an active member on the roster, he would reunite with The Undertaker to take on The Wyatt Family, and also Bryan.

Kane was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

Away from wrestling, Glenn Jacobs has a political career. He is the Republican Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee since 2018.

Who is Kane’s wife?

Kane has been married to Crystal Maurisa Goins since 1995.

What is Kane’s net worth?

Kane’s worth is estimated to be around $9 million.

What is Kane’s theme?

Kane has had numerous themes in his career, with his latest being called ’˜Veil of Fire’

What is Kane’s finisher?

Kane’s finisher is ’˜The Tombstone’ or A ’˜Chokeslam’

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WWE Champion

World Heavyweight Champion

ECW Champion

WWE Tag Team Champion

WWE Hardcore Champion

WWE Hall of Famer