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The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior is a former professional wrestler - check out our detailed profile on him including how he died in 2014.

The Ultimate Warrior Wrestler Profile

The Ultimate Warrior- real name James Brian Hellwig – was a former professional wrestler, recognised as a legendary figure within the business, recognised most for his time with the WWF.

Warrior was born on June 16, 1959 in Crawfordsville, Indiana and he was aged 54 years old when he died in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 8, 2014. He stood 6ft 2ins tall (1.88m).

Warrior started a career in bodybuilding before eventually making his way into professional wrestling, initially with the Continental Wrestling Association.

As part of a tag team known as The Freedom Fighters alongside Steve Borden (Sting), he would feud with other teams such as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Fabulous Ones.

In June 1986, Warrior debuted in the Dallas, Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) promotion.

He would initially feud with Rick Rude before forming another tag team with Lance Von Erich, with whom he would win the tag team titles.

Warrior would eventually win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship from Bob Bradely.

By 1987, he would join the WWF.

Having previously been known simply as Warrior, he would become the Ultimate Warrior in the WWF, famed for his face paint, high energy, sprint to the ring, and violent shaking of the ring ropes.

At Wrestlemania IV, he defeated Hercules Hernandes.

Less than a year after his debut with the company, he won his first Intercontinental Championship by defeating the Honky Tonk Man at the first ever edition of Summerslam.

Warrior would subsequently enter a feud with former rival Rick Rude over the IC title, losing the belt at Wrestlemania V before winning it back at the following Summerslam.

His emergence as a main event superstar started after regularly defeating Andre the Giant at House Shows and also in a classic Team v Team match at Survivor Series.

The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan

At Wrestlemania VI he would take part in one of the biggest matches of his career, ’˜The Ultimate Challenge’.

It saw him take on Hulk Hogan with both the WWF Championship and Intercontinental Championship on the line. Warrior won to become the first man in history to hold both belts, though later had to give up the IC title.

Warrior went on to feud with the Macho Man and the rivalry culminated in a ’Career-Ending match at WrestleMania VII which he won, forcing Randy to retire.

He would then become involved in a storyline with The Undertaker in which he was locked in a casket by the Deadman and Paul Bearer. Thereafter, wanting revenge on Taker, he would take advice from Jake ’The Snake’ Roberts. 

Roberts would eventually betray Warrior, siding with the Undertaker.

Warrior would subsequently become involved in a pay dispute with owner Vince McMahon, eventually leaving the company for a period.

He would make his return in dramatic fashion at Wrestlemania VIII, rescuing Hogan from Sid Justice and Papa Shango.

The rest of his WWF career would be blighted in controversy, though, as although he now had creative control written into his contract, he would eventually be suspended despite an original plan to win the WWF Championship.

The company was under serious scrutiny from the government at this point due to wrestler’s use of steroids, and Warrior, an admitted steroid user, was quietly released in November of 1992.

Warrior would return to the company in 1996, facing Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Wrestlemania but h would last less than a year, again falling out with McMahon.

He would jump ship to WCW to act as an opponent for Hulk Hogan and the NWO, but he would only wrestle three official matches with the company.

Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. He would make an appearance on Monday Night RAW the day after, only to pass away on the Tuesday with the cause of death being officially listed as a heart attack.

The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior

The life and times of The Ultimate Warrior were captured in a 2005 documentary film which was released by WWE, cunningly titled ‘The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warror’.

The film received mixed reviews due to what was seen as a negative portrayal of Warrior.

Who was The Ultimate Warrior’s wife?

The Ultimate Warrior was married twice, once to Shari Lynn Tyree and then Dana Viale.

Ultimate Warrior Theme

The Ultimate Warrior’s theme is known as ’˜Unstable’

Ultimate Warrior Finisher

The Ultimate Warrior’s finishers are the Gorilla Press Drop and the Running Splash

Career Accomplishments

WWF Champion

WWF Intercontinental Champion

WWE Hall of Famer