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Triple H

Triple H is a semi-retired professional wrestler and Hall of Famer, learn more about his incredible career here.
Triple H WWE Render

Triple H WWE Profile

Triple H – real name Paul Levesque – is a semi-retired professional wrestler and currently WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development.

Born on July 27, 1969 in Nashua, New Hampshire, Triple H is now aged 53 years old and he stands at a height of 6ft 4ins tall (1.93m).

After a short period with WCW, Triple H eventually moved to WWE in 1995 where he has been employed ever since.

Triple H Wife, Children and Family

Triple H has been married to WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon since 2003 and the pair have three children together – Aurora Rose Levesque (born 2006), Murphy Claire Levesque (born 2008), and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque (born 2010).

His father-in-law is Vince McMahon, his brother-in-law is Shane McMahon, while his mother-in-law is Linda McMahon.

Triple H Net Worth

H is worth a reported $150million.

Triple H Heart Condition

H has said that his career as a pro wrestler is over and has been extremely open about the health problems which led him to that decision.

Triple H said he suffered from heart failure on the back of a severe bout of viral pneumonia.

Triple H & The Kliq

Though he would have some success as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, he would eventual gain stardom via his membership within The Kliq, a group of real-life friends who would go on to enjoy backstage influence throughout he 1990s.

It was via this group that he eventually became a member of one of the biggest factions in the history of professional wrestling, D-Generation X.

Initially acting as a valet for his real-life best friend Shawn Michaels, he would eventually become the leader of DX and then, in a major heel turn, the corporation.

After breaking out on his own with Chyna, he would win his first WWF championship in 1999 after defeating Mick Foley in an August edition of RAW.

It was in this year that Triple H became involved in an on-air relationship with Stephanie, in a union which would bring forth the McMahon-Helmsley era – a period in which he dominated the roster to reach the pinnacle of the company, often feuding with the top babyface in the company at the time, The Rock.

Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Into 2000, he would become involved in one of the biggest feuds of his career against the great Stone Cold Steve Austin. After the rattlesnake had missed a year of action due to a kayfabe automobile hit and run, he returned to discover that although Rikishi was behind the wheel, the plan was orchestrated by the cerebral assassin, Triple H.

The pair would feud throughout the summer, with the feud culminating in a Three Stages of Hell match at No Way out, which Triple H would win.

Two Man Power Trip

After being defeated by The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 17, he would shortly be a member of heel tag team the Two Man Power Trip with Auston before suffering a legitimate quadricep injury on an episode of RAW. The injury saw him completely miss the Invasion storyline.

Upon his return he became a babyface and would win the Undisputed Championship title from Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 18. Part of the storyline involved Triple H going up against Stephanie, though in real life the pair would marry a year later.

Evolution with Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista

In 2003, he would form the heel stable Evolution, consisting of himself, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista.

The stable dominated RAW for two years before the eventual exits of Orton and Batista, which subsequently led to long feuds against the two men.

At Wrestlemania 22, he faced John Cena for the first time and lost in the main event after tapping out to the STFU.

In 2006, he would reform DX with former rival Shawn Michaels, and it was around this time that he took a step away from the main event picture, often involving himself in comedic segments with HBK on the undercard, though still retaining immense popularity.

Another quad injury, this time on his opposite leg, would halt the DX storyline.

Triple H vs The Undertaker

Triple H would be involved in various feuds over the next few years, particularly with the Undertaker, whom he faced in two consecutive Wrestlemania matches, losing both times with the second coming inside Hell in a Cell.

By this point, HHH was a part-timer wrestler and had already taken up a corporate position behind the scenes. His position as Chief Operating Officer would also become an on-air persona which could see him be a heel or babyface depending on the storyline.

Though he would sparingly feature mid-year, including against the likes of CM Punk, he is normally kept for Wrestlemania matches and has been involved in feuds with the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Sting in the most recent part of his career in WWE’s biggest event of the year.

He was last WWE World Heavyweight champion in 2016 after winning the Royal Rumble.

The mastermind behind NXT

As his backstage influence grew, he would eventually create development brand NXT – a brand new branch of WWE dedicated to nurturing young up-and-coming talent within the wrestling world in the hopes of one day moulding them into main roster superstars.

NXT has grew from a simple development brand into one of the most critically acclaimed organisations in the world. It is now seen as the third brand within WWE.

Though he is undoubtedly extremely popular, Triple H is regarded as one of the best heels in the history of WWE, especially during his time in the attitude era and his acclaimed feuds with The Rock and Steve Austin.

Triple H Theme

Triple H’s theme is ’˜Time to Play the Game’ by Motorhead.

Triple H Finisher

Triple H’s finisher is known as ’˜The Pedigree’

Triple H Career Accomplishments

WWE Champion

World Heavyweight Champion

Intercontinental Champion

European Champion

Tag Team Champion

King of the Ring winner

Royal Rumble winner