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AEW Rampage gets HORRENDOUS rating this week (15/09/23)

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AEW Rampage experienced a significant dip in its viewership for the episode aired on the 15th of September 2023.

The episode managed to garner a mere 321,000 viewers, according to the early overnight numbers, with 115,000 of those falling into the crucial 18 to 49 age demographic, translating to a .1 rating.

This decline is particularly concerning given the show’s past performance.

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The Impact of WWE’s Strategic Moves

AEW’s recent episode faced stiff competition as WWE strategically brought The Rock to their SmackDown show.

This move by WWE likely played a pivotal role in diverting a significant portion of the audience away from AEW Rampage, causing the latter’s ratings to plummet.

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AEW Rampage’s Historical Performance

To put things into perspective, the 8th September episode of AEW Rampage had drawn 371,000 viewers, with 162,000 of them being in the 18 to 49 demographic.

This was already a slight decrease from their previous episodes. For instance, the episode aired on 1st September had 372,000 viewers, while the one on 25th August attracted 337,000 viewers. The demographic of 18 to 49 for these episodes was 132,000 and 155,000 respectively.

Going further back, the episodes in early August and July consistently pulled in numbers ranging from 304,000 to 434,000 viewers.

These figures indicate that AEW Rampage had a relatively stable viewership, which makes the recent decline even more alarming.

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The Road Ahead for AEW Rampage

The challenge now for AEW Rampage is to strategise and find ways to recapture their lost audience. With WWE making aggressive moves, AEW needs to up their game to ensure it remains competitive in the wrestling entertainment industry.

It remains to be seen what Tony Khan, a key figure behind AEW, has in store for fans in the upcoming episodes. The hope is that they can rejuvenate the show and bring back the viewers they’ve recently lost.

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