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Former WWE Superstar TNA Wrestling in-ring debut date CONFIRMED

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments from TNA Wrestling. Dana Brooke, formerly a WWE Superstar, has now confirmed her in-ring debut date with TNA Wrestling under her new moniker, Ash by Elegance.

This announcement follows her surprising appearance at TNA’s Hard to Kill event.

Wrestling News: Ash by Elegance’s Transition from WWE to TNA

After her departure from WWE in September last year, Dana Brooke, now known as Ash by Elegance, made a strategic move to TNA Wrestling.

Her debut at TNA Hard to Kill was nothing short of dramatic, as she appeared dressed like a movie star, complete with her own manager.

This appearance set the stage for her upcoming in-ring performance, generating considerable excitement among fans and industry insiders.

Wrestling News: The Debut Date and Venue

Ash by Elegance’s in-ring debut is scheduled for January 20th in Orlando, Florida, at the Osceola Heritage Park.

This event is part of the additional television tapings following the post-TNA Hard To Kill television taping. Her debut is eagerly anticipated, as fans are curious to see how she adapts to the TNA Wrestling style and environment.

Wrestling News: A New Chapter in Her Career

Signing with TNA Wrestling marks a significant chapter in Ash by Elegance’s career. Additionally, she has secured a sponsorship with Draft Kings for UFC 297, underscoring her rising profile in the wrestling world.

This move to TNA Wrestling offers her a fresh platform to showcase her skills and potentially redefine her wrestling persona.

Fans’ Expectations and Predictions

The wrestling community is keenly awaiting Ash by Elegance’s in-ring debut. There is much speculation about how she will perform and what new dimensions she will bring to her wrestling style.

Her previous experience in WWE sets a high bar, but fans are optimistic about her potential impact in TNA Wrestling.


  • What is Ash by Elegance’s real name?
    • Her real name is Dana Brooke.
  • When did Ash by Elegance leave WWE?
    • She left WWE in September of the previous year.
  • Where and when is Ash by Elegance’s TNA in-ring debut?
    • Her debut is on January 20th in Orlando, Florida.
  • Did Ash by Elegance appear in any TNA event before her in-ring debut?
    • Yes, she made an appearance at TNA Hard to Kill.
  • Has Ash by Elegance secured any sponsorships since joining TNA?
    • Yes, she has a sponsorship with Draft Kings for UFC 297.
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