Backstage SummerSlam news on Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn has been the center of attention for a lot of fans ever since Vince McMahon announced his retirement. People believe that Dunn’s days in the company are numbered after McMahon’s departure. He seems to be keeping his position at least for now.

PWinsider posted backstage notes from SummerSlam. They confirmed that Dunn was present in the arena and serving in his usual role as the lead producer for the PPV. He wasn’t the one directing the show and it’s not his regular position.

The show featured many notable guests. Kid Rock was shown on screen. Both Jerry Jarrett and Karen Jarrett were in attendance for SummerSlam but there was no sign of Ric Flair or Charlotte Flair. There were members of the Tennesee Titans football team in attendance.

The office previously dedicated to Vince McMahon and listed as Vince’s Office was simply built as CEO Office. Triple H had a separate office for him, featuring signage for “Paul Levesque.” Old signage featuring Vince’s name had all been removed from the backstage area.

Kane made an appearance before the main event and announced an attendance of 48,449 for SummerSlam. The real attendance figure was somewhere close to 35,000.

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