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Bayley asks WWE roster to be ‘less selfish’

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WWE Superstar Bayley recently discussed the company’s roster and how they can work together to make a better product for fans on television.

Speaking to Corey Graves on WWE After The Bell, the former Women’s Champion laid out her beliefs when it comes to the mentality in the locker room.

“It’s going to be a long road, just putting things together and trying to show certain people, or trying to get the whole locker room on the same page,” Bayley began. “If we worked a little less selfishly we kind of see the bigger picture.

‘I feel like we’ve been in this tunnel of, we’re trying to show our bosses, ’˜I have what it takes. No, I have what it takes.’ It turns us against each other” she continued.

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Video from the official WWE YouTube Channel

Bayley on WWE Roster

“No, let’s show them all what we can do. If we all show them that we can get along and do a show and we’re not going to complain about every little thing, then it will make them want to give us more because we’re easier to work with” the former NXT Women’s Champion continued.

“There is a fine line between fighting for what you believe in and then trying to make the best out of every situation.

“I think I can help the girls that I bring in navigate these things to further the division. I want the tag titles to come back and play a very important role on the show” Bayley concluded.

YouTube video
Video from the official WWE YouTube Channel
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