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Best Santa Claus Moments in WWE Christmas History

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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe has always embraced the festive spirit with open arms, often in the most unexpected and entertaining ways. Over the years, Santa Claus has made several appearances for a WWE Christmas segment, each time leaving an indelible mark on the fans.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the best Santa Claus moments in WWE history.

WWE Christmas: Stone Cold Steve Austin Stuns Santa

In 1997, the WWE witnessed one of its most iconic moments when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin confronted a faux Santa Claus.

During a December episode of Raw, Santa, who had been behaving rather naughtily, was met with Austin’s legendary Stunner.

This moment, where Austin questioned the authenticity of Santa before delivering his finishing move, remains a classic in WWE history.

Santa Gets Run Over by Alberto Del Rio

The Christmas Eve edition of 2012 saw a shocking turn of events when Alberto Del Rio, in a surprising and somewhat comical mishap, ran over Santa Claus with his BMW.

The incident, which left Santa (played by Mick Foley) stretchered out, was a blend of horror and humour.

Later that night, John Cena avenged Santa in a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight,” adding a perfect twist to this bizarre storyline.

The Battle for WWE Christmas

In 2013, Damien Sandow, dressed as “Bad Santa,” declared that Christmas was cancelled, much to the dismay of WWE fans.

However, “Good Santa” Mark Henry was not about to let that happen.

In a match that decided the fate of Christmas, Henry emerged victorious, ensuring the holiday spirit lived on. This battle was not just a fight in the ring but a fight for the “essence of Christmas itself.”

Santa Cena Gives the Boss an Attitude Adjustment

In 2007, during the Tribute to the Troops, Vince McMahon played the Grinch, announcing that Santa wouldn’t be visiting.

However, Santa (John Cena in disguise) did make an appearance, confronting McMahon about his ‘naughty’ behaviour.

Despite nursing an injury, Cena managed to deliver his famous “Attitude Adjustment” to McMahon, much to the delight of the military audience present.

WWE Christmas: Santa Heenan Pays the Piper

Back in 1989, Bobby Heenan, dressed as Santa, declared on Prime Time Wrestling that Santa Claus was a sham. This did not sit well with Roddy Piper, who took it upon himself to teach Heenan a lesson.

The altercation between Piper and the imposter Santa is still remembered more than three decades later as a moment of both humour and shock.

These moments not only added a unique flavour to the WWE programming during the festive season but also showed how the world of professional wrestling could creatively integrate pop culture and holiday traditions.


Q: Has Santa Claus always been portrayed positively in WWE? A: Not always. While Santa is generally a beloved character, there have been instances, like with Damien Sandow’s “Bad Santa,” where he’s been portrayed in a more villainous light.

Q: Did John Cena really dress up as Santa Claus? A: Yes, in 2007 during the Tribute to the Troops, John Cena appeared as Santa Claus, surprising Vince McMahon and the audience.

Q: Are these Santa moments available for viewing? A: Yes, many of these moments are available on the WWE Network and can be enjoyed as part of their holiday programming.

Q: Has WWE used the Santa character in serious storylines? A: While Santa’s appearances are often more light-hearted and comedic, they have been integrated into ongoing storylines, like the “Miracle on 34th Street Fight” involving John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.

Q: Do these Santa moments happen every year in WWE? A: While not an annual tradition, WWE often includes festive segments involving Santa Claus or Christmas-themed storylines around the holiday season.

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