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Best UK Wrestling Schools: PlayFight London, New Wave Wrestling Academy, HUSTLE Wrestling, and More

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Wrestling in the UK has a storied history, and its future looks even brighter thanks to a range of top-tier training facilities and UK Wrestling Schools.

Aspiring wrestlers now have more options than ever to hone their skills, with schools like PlayFight London, New Wave Wrestling Academy, and HUSTLE Wrestling leading the charge.

This article provides an in-depth look at some of the UK’s best wrestling schools, offering insights into their training programs, facilities, and success stories.

UK Wrestling Schools: PlayFight London – A Hub for Aspiring Wrestlers

Located in the heart of the capital, PlayFight London stands out for its comprehensive training approach. This school prides itself on a curriculum that balances physical training with character development, ensuring that students not only become skilled wrestlers but also compelling entertainers.

Their state-of-the-art facilities include a full-sized ring, strength and conditioning equipment, and areas dedicated to promo work.

Key instructors at PlayFight London, many of whom have international wrestling experience such as Cara Noir, focus on nurturing the individual strengths of each student.

Their alumni have gone on to compete in both national and international arenas, making PlayFight a beacon for those aiming to reach the pinnacle of wrestling.

New Wave Wrestling Academy: Innovating Training Techniques

New Wave Wrestling Academy, located in both the Midlands and South Wales, offers a fresh perspective on wrestling training.

They emphasise a modern style of wrestling, blending traditional techniques with innovative approaches. The academy’s unique program focuses on high-flying moves and technical wrestling, appealing to those who seek a more dynamic style.

The academy boasts a roster of coaches who are active wrestlers, such as Greedy Souls’ Brendan White, providing students with insights into current trends and techniques in the wrestling world.

New Wave also regularly invites guest trainers, offering students the opportunity to learn from a variety of wrestling styles and perspectives.

UK Wrestling Schools: HUSTLE Wrestling – Fostering a Community of Wrestlers

HUSTLE Wrestling in North London is more than just a training school; it’s a community. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, HUSTLE offers a welcoming environment for wrestlers of all backgrounds. Their training program covers all aspects of wrestling, from in-ring skills to character development and promo work.

HUSTLE’s approach to training fosters a supportive atmosphere, where students learn not only from their coaches but also from each other.

This sense of community extends beyond the ring, with HUSTLE hosting regular events that bring together students, trainers, and fans.

More Than Just Training: Career and Personal Development

These schools offer more than just physical training; they provide a pathway to a career in wrestling. Students learn about the business side of wrestling, including how to promote themselves and manage their careers.

These schools also focus on personal development, and teaching values like discipline, respect, and perseverance.


  • What age do I need to be to start training? Most schools accept students from ages 16 and up, but some have junior programs for younger enthusiasts.
  • Do I need prior athletic experience? While an athletic background helps, it’s not a prerequisite. Wrestling schools welcome all levels of experience.
  • How long does it take to become a professional wrestler? The journey varies for each individual, but typically it takes several years of consistent training and experience.
  • Can I train part-time? Yes, most schools offer flexible schedules to accommodate part-time training.
  • Is there a pathway to wrestling in the US or Japan? Many UK schools have connections with international promotions, and outstanding students often get opportunities to wrestle abroad.
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