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Boxing News: Gervonta Davis SHUTS DOWN talk of fighting major name

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In the dynamic world of boxing, where matchups are as unpredictable as the fights themselves, Gervonta Davis, the hard-hitting southpaw star, has recently made headlines by dismissing the idea of a fight against Japanese boxing sensation Naoya Inoue.

This development has rippled through the boxing community, sparking discussions and debates among fans and experts alike.

Gervonta Davis: A Career Overview

Gervonta Davis, a Baltimore native, has carved a niche for himself in the lightweight division, occasionally stepping up to the junior welterweight limit of 140 pounds.

With an impressive record of 29 wins, 27 by knockout, and no losses, Davis has established himself as a formidable force in the ring.

His most recent victory in April, a stunning stoppage of fellow American star Ryan Garcia, further cemented his status as a top-tier fighter.

The Weight Gap: A Major Hurdle

The crux of Davis’ argument against a potential fight with Inoue lies in the significant weight difference between the two boxers.

Inoue, the undisputed 122-pound champion, began his career at a mere 108 pounds, a stark contrast to Davis’ fighting weight.

This gap, according to Davis, renders any speculation about their matchup unrealistic. His response to a social media post promoting this fantasy fight was clear and straightforward: “I’m not fighting him. He’s NOWHERE near my weight.”

Naoya Inoue: The Japanese Phenom

Naoya Inoue, a multi-division champion, has also downplayed the idea of a fight with Davis, attributing it to mere fan hype.

With a record of 26 wins, 23 by knockout, and no losses, Inoue recently unified all four belts in the 122-pound division, following a decisive victory over Marlon Tapales.

His achievements in the ring have made him a celebrated figure in the boxing world, particularly in his home country of Japan.

Gervonta Davis Claim: Industry Reaction and Speculation

Despite the clear stance from both fighters, the idea of a Davis vs. Inoue fight has intrigued fans and pundits alike. The prospect of pitting two dynamic knockout artists against each other has been a tantalizing one for the boxing community.

Even Stephen Espinoza, the outgoing Showtime Sports president and a longtime backer of Davis, once expressed curiosity about this matchup.

The Future for Gervonta Davis and Inoue

As things stand, both fighters are focusing on their respective careers within their weight classes. Davis, with his eyes set on dominating the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions, continues to build his legacy with each fight.

Inoue, on the other hand, remains a dominant force in the lower weight classes, with his recent unification of the 122-pound division being a testament to his skill and determination.


  • Why won’t Gervonta Davis fight Naoya Inoue? Gervonta Davis has stated that the significant weight difference between him and Inoue makes a fight between them unrealistic.
  • What is Gervonta Davis’ current record? As of now, Gervonta Davis boasts an undefeated record of 29 wins, with 27 coming by way of knockout.
  • What weight class does Naoya Inoue fight in? Naoya Inoue is currently the undisputed champion in the 122-pound division.
  • Has there been industry interest in a Davis vs. Inoue fight? Yes, there has been speculation and interest from fans and some industry insiders, but both fighters have downplayed the possibility.
  • What are the future plans for Davis and Inoue? Both fighters are focusing on their careers within their respective weight classes, with Davis dominating the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions and Inoue reigning in the lower weight classes.
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