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Former WWE name was FIRED for this small reason

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Brian Hebner has revealed the trivial reason that got him fired from WWE.

The son of veteran wrestling official Earl Hebner, Brian was part of the WWE roster in the early 2000s. He was let go by the company in 2006, a year after his father was also released from the promotion.

The former WWE employee recently joined the Haus of Wrestling Podcast to discuss his career. He opened up about his WWE run and revealed the reason he was given for his release from the company.

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Brian Hebner was fired for shocking reason

Brian first noted that he knew he wouldn’t be kept around for long after his father was let go. Revealing the actual incident that became the cause of it, the former WWE employee recalled how he used to travel in the production buses but got late one day:

“I caught the bus, and one of the people on the bus, I don’t remember who, it doesn’t matter, was running late. I actually got to the building late. And once I got to the building, Johnny Ace, they said, wanted to see me.”

Brian Hebner then detailed the conversation that he had with Johnny Ace. According to Brian, he was told that he would be gone only for a short while, but it didn’t turn out to be the case:

“He pulled me into the office, and he told me that he has to make a statement, and it can’t be his referees coming into work late and that he was gonna let me go for, I think, thirty or sixty days, or whatever it was, and to call him back. I called him back, and he said he didn’t have anything for me.”

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