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Brie Bella says they got backstage heat for Total Divas

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Total Divas was a hit reality show that helped the careers of many female stars in WWE, including the Bella Twins. According to Brie Bella however, it also got them a lot of heat.

The Bella Twins were joined by her former Total Divas castmates Natalya, JoJo, and Ariane on the latest Bellas podcast. They talked about the backstage drama that spawned from the show. The Bella Twin claimed that they got heat for it:

‘The heat was for real. I’ll never forget when it aired, and we were pretty much neck-to-neck with the Kardashians, we became this instant hit, and I was so grateful for all of you [original cast members] for putting your lives out there, for dealing with the backstage drama of everyone hating on all of us for filming.”

Brie Bella on backstage heat

Bella discussed how they put themselves out there for the people to judge. They kept smiling and making excellent television despite the drama they faced:

“Also, when it aired, we knew we were going to be everyone’s punching bag ’” with people either loving or hating it. Through the whole drama, we all had smiles on our faces, and kept filming, making amazing television ’” breaking barriers for women’s wrestling, globally, and opening doors for women in wrestling.’

It remains to be seen whether we will see Brie make her way back to WWE programming at any point in the near future, with her husband Bryan Danielson wrestling at the top level in AEW.

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Martin MacDonald