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Bryan Danielson reveals one thing he really hates

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Bryan Danielson is very passionate about wrestling. One would think that he would like everything about WWE. According to the AEW star, however, there was one thing about working for the company that he ‘hated’ very much.

One of the things Bryan was involved in during his time with the company was Total Divas. Both Danielson and his wife, Brie Bella, were featured stars on the reality show. On The Sessions podcast of Renee Paquette, the former WWE star revealed how he felt about working on the program:

‘I don’t hate many things, but I hate, hate, hate filming reality TV. [I hate] all of it. You’re constantly changing clothes on the same day to go film something and pretend it’s a different day.’

Bryan also recalled his first retirement in 2015. He said that announcing his retirement was almost the easy part. What’s worse is that instead of spending time with his family, he had to go film Total Bellas after that:

‘Once I did the speech and I stepped away, I wasn’t around wrestling. So I started going, ’˜Oh God. We have to film Total Bellas.’ Okay, that’s the part I forgot. So I have to give this retirement speech and, then, I have to go live in John Cena’s house.’

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Martin MacDonald