Bryan Danielson says AEW locker room is full of the boys talking about ‘flaccid penises’

Bryan Danielson AEW Treatment

Image Courtesy: AEW

Bryan Danielson doesn’t like to see a locker room full of people looking at their phones. The wrestling veteran instead prefers that they talk about flaccid penises among other things. The AEW star reunited with Renee Paquette at Starrcast V for a live episode of The Sessions podcast (H/t Fightful). On being accused of ‘fucking with people’, Danielson said, “I’m not fucking with people.”

The former WWE star then explained that when he first joined AEW, he was frustrated with people being glued to their phones. So they found an alternate way to pass their time:

“I came in and everybody was on their phones in the locker room. That’s not what I want. The last three years of my career, I don’t want to spend in the locker room with a bunch of young guys looking at their phone.” Bryan Danielson said,

“So, we start….we talk about flaccid penises, asexually. We are not talking about anything that would be considered perverted. It’s just amongst the boys. It’s the boys talking about flaccid penises. It is a blast.”

Bryan has previously admitted to being a bully backstage. He remembered bullying people who used their phones in the locker room. Danielson also claimed that he occasionally tries to lock Paul Wight into an armbar and takedown Jake Hager.

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