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WWE Hall of Famer claims that TNA signing was the “RIGHT DECISION for former Superstar

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In a recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray expressed his views on Nic Nemeth’s decision to sign with TNA Wrestling.

Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE, made a striking debut at TNA’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view event.

Wrestling News: Bully Ray’s Take on Nemeth’s TNA Move

Bully Ray believes that Nemeth’s move to TNA is a strategic and beneficial decision. He pointed out that for free agents like Nemeth, TNA offers immediate television exposure, which is a significant advantage over other wrestling promotions.

In contrast, AEW, with its abundance of talent, requires newcomers to fight for their spot, and WWE’s process can be quite intricate and lengthy, depending on the wrestler’s profile:

“I think going to TNA for free agents is a good choice right now because I think you’re going to get immediate television time, as opposed with AEW, [where] you’ve got to kind of fight your way in because there’s so much talent out there.

“WWE, as we know is a major process, depending on who you are. Very, very, very few people just show up in the WWE and are on the main roster.”

Wrestling News: The Impact of Nemeth’s TNA Debut

Dave LaGreca, another voice on the podcast, praised the manner of Nemeth’s debut at the Hard to Kill event.

Nemeth’s dramatic reveal of the TNA shirt by ripping off his top was seen as an ideal way to announce his arrival in TNA. This move not only signified his new allegiance but also made a bold statement in the wrestling world.

The Significance of Nemeth’s Decision

Nemeth’s transition to TNA marks a significant moment in his career. His choice to join TNA reflects the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where talent is now exploring various platforms to showcase their skills. This move could potentially open more doors for other wrestlers considering their options outside the traditional powerhouses of WWE and AEW.


  • Who is Nic Nemeth?
    • Nic Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE, is a professional wrestler who recently signed with TNA Wrestling.
  • What did Bully Ray say about Nemeth’s move to TNA?
    • Bully Ray stated that Nemeth’s decision to join TNA was a good choice, highlighting the immediate television exposure and opportunities TNA offers to free agents.
  • How did Nemeth debut in TNA?
    • Nemeth made a memorable debut at the Hard to Kill pay-per-view event, where he dramatically revealed a TNA shirt, symbolizing his new association with the brand.
  • Why is Nemeth’s move to TNA significant?
    • Nemeth’s move to TNA is significant as it reflects the changing dynamics in professional wrestling, with talents exploring opportunities beyond WWE and AEW.
  • What are the advantages of joining TNA, according to Bully Ray?
    • Bully Ray mentioned that TNA provides immediate television time and exposure, which is beneficial for free agents compared to the competitive environments in WWE and AEW.
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