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MAJOR AEW debut was scrapped from All In London

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Professional wrestling has always been a realm of surprises, twists, and turns. One such twist recently came to light when former WWE star CJ Perry, better known to many as Lana, revealed some intriguing details about her AEW debut.

CJ Perry’s connection with Chicago is undeniable. She made her impactful debut in AEW at the All Out event in Chicago, a city that holds a special place in her heart.

Perry reminisced about her WWE days, highlighting how she first stepped into the limelight in Chicago. From her initial live promo to the memorable ‘We want Lana’ chants, Chicago has been a backdrop for many of her career’s pivotal moments.

She expressed her excitement about returning to the wrestling scene, especially in a city she adores. Perry mentioned during an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, “I love Chicago. I actually debuted in WWE in Chicago. My first live promo was in Chicago. CM Punk had just left, so everyone’s like, ‘You gonna be okay? There’s gonna be CM Punk chants.’ I feel like I held my own, with Miro.”

The AEW London Debut That Never Was

While Perry’s debut in Chicago was memorable, it wasn’t the original plan. She shed light on the fact that her husband, Miro, had a different vision for her AEW introduction.

Miro had been advocating for Perry to make her grand entrance in London, specifically at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Perry added, “Miro was pushing, a lot of this was his idea, a lot of the story. He wanted it to be in London, but Tony Khan really had a vision for it to happen in Chicago, he’s from Chicago and loves Chicago and I love Chicago. So here we go.”

It’s fascinating to think about how different Perry’s AEW journey could have been had she debuted in London. The energy, the crowd, and the overall atmosphere would have offered a unique experience.


  • Who is CJ Perry?
    • CJ Perry, popularly known as Lana in WWE, is a professional wrestler who recently made her debut in AEW.
  • Where did CJ Perry make her AEW debut?
    • She made her AEW debut at the All Out event in Chicago.
  • Was there a plan for CJ Perry to debut in London?
    • Yes, Miro, her husband, had initially pushed for her debut to be in London at Wembley Stadium. However, the plan changed, and she debuted in Chicago.
  • What is CJ Perry’s connection with Chicago?
    • Perry has had many significant moments in her wrestling career in Chicago, from her WWE debut to her recent AEW introduction.
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