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CM Punk: Wrestling promotion owner PLEADS with former WWE and AEW star to join his company

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments surrounding CM Punk, the former WWE and AEW star. After his departure from AEW and the swirling rumours of a potential WWE return that never materialised, many are left wondering what’s next for the “Second City Savior”.

Enter Billy Corgan, the owner of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), who has made a heartfelt appeal for Phil Brooks to join his promotion.

Billy Corgan’s Honest Appeal to CM Punk

Billy Corgan, during his appearance on the Mat Men Podcast, opened up about the possibility of CM Punk working for the NWA.

Corgan acknowledged that while he hasn’t directly approached Punk, he recognises the star power and value that Punk brings to the table. In Corgan’s words, Punk “deserves top money”. However, the NWA might not be in a position to offer such a hefty sum.

But Corgan’s appeal wasn’t about money. It was about passion and love for the sport. He emphasised that while Punk might have reservations about the professional wrestling business, his love for professional wrestling itself is undeniable.

Corgan’s message to Punk was clear: “If you want to have some fun, come have some fun in the NWA. We’ll kick some ass, we’ll have some laughs, and I’ll buy you a vegan sandwich.”

The NWA: A Perfect Fit for Punk?

While the NWA might not have the financial muscle of WWE or AEW, it offers something potentially more valuable to a wrestler like Punk: the opportunity to wrestle for the sheer love of it (at least Corgan thinks so).

With Corgan’s candid appeal, one can’t help but ponder if the NWA could be the next destination for Punk.

After all, for someone who has achieved so much and is financially secure, the allure of wrestling without the pressures of big contracts and corporate expectations might be tempting.

CM Punk: The Future Remains Uncertain

Despite Corgan’s appeal, the future of Punk remains shrouded in mystery. After WWE reportedly turned down his inquiries about a potential return, the wrestling community is left speculating about his next move.

Will he take up Corgan’s offer and find a new home in the NWA, or will he explore other avenues? Only time will tell.


  • Who is CM Punk?
    • CM Punk is a renowned professional wrestler who has worked with major promotions like WWE and AEW.
  • What is the NWA?
    • The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is a professional wrestling promotion owned by Billy Corgan.
  • Why did Billy Corgan appeal to Punk?
    • Billy Corgan believes that CM Punk has a genuine love for professional wrestling and would be a great fit for the NWA, even if they can’t offer him top money.
  • Has CM Punk responded to the appeal?
    • As of now, there has been no public response from CM Punk regarding Billy Corgan’s appeal.
  • Where did CM Punk last wrestle?
    • CM Punk’s last known association was with AEW, from which he was released.
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