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CM Punk return update: how AEW plans to work around locker room conflict

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AEW’s looking to bring CM Punk back and their idea is to split the rosters to avoid any conflicts.

The talk of The Straight Edge Star making his return has heated up in recent times. AEW has been discussing the move from some time now. Many believed Punk’s Instagram post dubbing Chris Jericho as a ‘liar’ may have closed the door for his comeback for good.

The company, however, seems to be moving forward with the idea of his return. The current belief is that CM Punk will be back before the big Wembley show in August.

AEW wants to keep CM Punk separate

Dave Meltzer confirmed the talks about Punk’s return in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He did note that the issues between the wrestling veteran and others in the AEW locker room have yet to be resolved:

‘As reported here the past two weeks, a Punk return is largely expected. It’s a tenuous situation because the dressing room issues involving him have not been settled at all at press time.”

There have been a lot of rumblings of AEW debuting a new TV show on Saturday. The working idea according to Meltzer is to split the rosters between Dynamite and the new show to avoid any conflict:

‘The working idea was that the Saturday show would star Punk and that they would split crews to a large degree. History does show that the splitting crews never lasts long, but in this case the idea is to ease the dressing room problems in the sense those who have not made up would be kept on different crews and wouldn’t have to interact with each other.”

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Martin MacDonald