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CM Punk: MAJOR company is “OPEN” to bringing him in amid WWE rumours

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the name CM Punk invariably stirs up a whirlwind of emotions and speculations.

The enigmatic wrestler, known for his candidness and ability to generate headlines, has once again become the talk of the town.

This time, it’s TNA that is once again expressing keen interest in bringing the Second City Saint into their fold.

TNA’s Open Door Policy for CM Punk

TNA’s President, Scott D’Amore, recently shed light on the company’s stance regarding CM Punk. During a conversation on the What Do You Call It? show, D’Amore was quizzed about Punk’s recent visit to TNA tapings in Chicago, which took place the night following the ‘Bound For Glory’ event.

The president was unequivocal in his response, stating that TNA is very much open to signing CM Punk, especially after his positive backstage interactions.

D’Amore elaborated on TNA’s open-door policy, which essentially invites anyone interested to visit TNA Wrestling. The only stipulation? Maintain respect.

In D’Amore’s words, “Don’t be an A-hole. Be respectful and you’ll be respected.” Punk, who had previously visited a TNA event in Chicago earlier in the year, was described as a “pleasure to have in the locker room.”

The Impact of CM Punk

The wrestling world is no stranger to the impact CM Punk can have on a promotion. His stints with WWE and AEW have seen significant boosts in ticket sales, viewership, and pay-per-view buys.

D’Amore acknowledged this, stating that if Punk were to join IMPACT Wrestling, it would be a decision based on mutual business interests and respect. He emphasised that any new addition to the locker room must be respectful and fit into the existing dynamics.

D’Amore also candidly addressed the rumours and speculations surrounding Punk’s association with TNA. While he laughed off some of the stories circulating online, he maintained that TNA remains open to various possibilities, whether it’s collaborations with other companies or bringing in new talent.

If it’s beneficial for business and resonates with the fans, TNA is on board.

Punk’s History with TNA

It’s worth noting that TNA isn’t unfamiliar territory for CM Punk. Before his meteoric rise in WWE, Punk had a very minor stint with TNA.

However, TNA in 2023 is very different to what it was in the early 2000s, and so is Punk himself for that matter, so things may have changed to the point that he could never consider signing a deal with them.


  • Is TNA genuinely interested in signing CM Punk?
    • Yes, TNA’s President Scott D’Amore has confirmed the company’s interest in Punk, especially after his positive backstage interactions during recent tapings.
  • Has CM Punk worked with TNA before?
    • Yes, before his significant tenure with WWE, CM Punk had a stint with TNA.
  • What is TNA’s stance on new talent joining their roster?
    • TNA has an open-door policy, welcoming anyone interested in visiting. The primary requirement is mutual respect.
  • Did CM Punk’s association with other promotions boost their business?
    • Absolutely. Both WWE and AEW experienced increased ticket sales, viewership, and pay-per-view buys during Punk’s tenure.
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