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Talks between CM Punk and WWE are ‘DEAD’

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The prospects of CM Punk’s WWE return are not looking very bright.

The former AEW Champion was fired from the company with cause in early September. This came after Punk got involved in yet another backstage altercation with Jack Perry.

Many thought that the Straight Edge Star maybe done with wrestling after this but it changed when WWE started teasing him on their programming. For a while it seemed like the former champion’s WWE return was all set, until reports earlier this week revealed that the talks between the two parties had fallen apart.

WWE Does Not Want CM Punk

Dave Meltzer provided an update on the whole situation in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He explained that things will only change if there is a big reason for it:

“The stuff with C.M. Punk is a no for right now. It could change, but it’s doubtful it will any time soon unless business goes down or there is a huge public outcry for him that hasn’t happened.”

The never-say-never attitude is present in the company. The final call is to be taken by Vince McMahon. Per the report, the officials are comfortable in admitting that the talks are dead right now:

“It’s a Vince McMahon call and the others in charge are Levesque and Nick Khan, but in the end they are doing what Vince McMahon wants. It was strong enough that company officials would be willing to say that they have no interest at this point and talks are dead right now. But I was also told not to close the door completely on it because it’s wrestling.”

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