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Cobra Kai star drops pro wrestling references during Emmys speech

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In a surprising twist at the Emmy Awards, Paul Walter Hauser, acclaimed for his role in “Black Bird,” infused his acceptance speech with an unexpected flavour of professional wrestling.

Hauser, who clinched the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, left the audience both amused and intrigued with his wrestling-themed remarks.

Wrestling News: Grappling and Acting – A Unique Crossover

Hauser’s speech was not just a mere shoutout to the wrestling world; it was a clever blend of his acting prowess and his passion for wrestling.

He creatively mentioned his intention to “beat” Matt Cardona, a well-known wrestling figure, and gave a nod to Kota Ibushi, another prominent name in the wrestling arena.

His references didn’t stop there; he also mentioned the Wolfpac and DDP, culminating with a famous Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) quote, “Get the tables.”

From the Screen to the Ring

This crossover between acting and wrestling is not just for show. Hauser is set to face Matt Cardona in an actual wrestling match on March 16 at REVOLVER Wrestling’s Ready or Not event.

This isn’t his first foray into the ring either; Hauser previously emerged victorious against Matthew Palmer at REVOLVER Unreal in November.

His Emmy speech, therefore, wasn’t just a nod to his love for wrestling but also a build-up to his upcoming match, creating a buzz among fans of both the acting and wrestling worlds.

Wrestling News: A Unique Twist to the Emmy Awards

Paul Walter Hauser’s wrestling-themed acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards adds a unique and entertaining twist to the usual proceedings of the event.

His references to wrestling names and phrases not only highlight his enthusiasm for the sport but also showcase his ability to blend his acting career with his wrestling interests.

This approach brought a fresh and exciting element to the Emmy Awards, making his speech one of the most memorable moments of the night.


  • Who is Paul Walter Hauser?
    • Paul Walter Hauser is an actor known for his role in “Black Bird,” for which he won an Emmy.
  • What wrestling references did Hauser make in his Emmy speech?
    • He mentioned Matt Cardona, Kota Ibushi, the Wolfpac, DDP, and used a Dudley Boyz quote, “get the tables.”
  • Is Paul Walter Hauser involved in professional wrestling?
    • Yes, he is set to face Matt Cardona in a wrestling match and has previously competed in a match against Matthew Palmer.
  • What award did Paul Walter Hauser win at the Emmy Awards?
    • He won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for his role in “Black Bird.”
  • Why are Hauser’s wrestling references significant?
    • They highlight his passion for wrestling and uniquely blend his acting career with his interest in wrestling, adding an entertaining twist to his Emmy acceptance speech.
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