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Former WWE Superstar talks new TNA gimmick

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Ash By Elegance, previously known in the WWE as Dana Brooke, has recently opened up about her new character in TNA Wrestling.

During her debut at the Hard to Kill 2024 pay-per-view event, which marked the promotion’s relaunch, Elegance introduced fans to a persona that she describes as a true reflection of herself.

In a candid conversation on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Elegance expressed how her new character, Ash By Elegance, represents a different side of her personality.

“I try to live my life, every single day, as being super elegant. Elegant is a word that has a variety and multiple meanings to it. It’s classiness, it’s elegant, it’s beautiful — it just means so much. I’m definitely going to bring that element into the ring and show everyone what class and elegance really means,” she said.

Wrestling News: A True Reflection of Self

Elegance emphasised that embodying elegance comes naturally to her, making her new character in TNA a more authentic expression of her true self.

This shift marks a significant departure from her previous persona in WWE, offering her a fresh start and a new way to connect with the audience.

Wrestling News FAQ:

  • What is Ash By Elegance’s previous wrestling persona?
    • She was formerly known as Dana Brooke in WWE.
  • When did Ash By Elegance make her TNA debut?
    • She debuted at the Hard to Kill 2024 pay-per-view event.
  • What does Ash By Elegance say about her new character?
    • She describes it as a different side of her, emphasizing elegance and classiness.
  • Is this new character a significant change from her WWE persona?
    • Yes, it represents a more authentic and elegant side of her personality, different from her WWE character.
  • How does Ash By Elegance feel about her new role in TNA?
    • She feels that it allows her to express her true self, focusing on elegance and class.
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