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Former TNA Knockout rips into Dixie Carter

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In a recent revelation that probably won’t shock many, six-time TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love has pointed a finger at former TNA President, Dixie Carter, for the company’s downturn.

Love boldly asserted that Carter wanted to emulate WWE’s Stephanie McMahon to such an extent that it ended up harming TNA’s progress’‹.

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Love’s Wrestling Career and Relationship with Dixie Carter

Angelina Love embarked on her professional wrestling career in 2000 at the tender age of 19. She gained significant recognition through TNA, despite never signing for WWE.

Love’s popularity extended beyond the TNA realm, making her one of the most well-known women wrestlers worldwide’‹.

In TNA, Love clinched the Knockouts Championship six times and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship once. Her villainous character was a hit among fans, and her stint with the TNA stable, the Beautiful People, was highly appreciated’‹.

However, Love’s relationship with Carter, the then-president of TNA, was far from smooth. She cited Carter’s leadership errors as the primary reason for the company’s downfall. According to Love, while the idea of a female president was initially exciting, Carter’s actions later led to a decline in TNA’s fortunes’‹.

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Love’s Departure from TNA

The friction between Love and Carter led to the former’s departure from TNA. Love left the company for the first time in 2009 due to a work visa issue, which she attributed to the company’s negligence.

Love returned in 2010, only to quit two years later because she felt underutilized. She felt her worth wasn’t appreciated, especially after Carter suggested she shave her head and adopt a different character. Love decided to leave, citing dissatisfaction with the management, including Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff’‹.

Comparing Dixie Carter and Stephanie McMahon

Love’s allegations against Carter have sparked comparisons between Carter and Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

Shelly Martinez, a former WWE and TNA talent, previously compared her experiences with both leaders. She praised McMahon for her straightforwardness and constructive criticism, while her encounters with Carter were less positive. Martinez felt rejected by Carter, who she found to be rude at times’‹.

“She definitely had the wrong people in her ear giving her very bad advice, and well, we see where that took them. She went off in her own world and she wanted to be Stephanie McMahon so bad” Love stated speaking to Steve Fall for

“80% of the Knockouts ended up getting pushed off the show because Dixie had to have 11 segments every show. She put herself all over the show, and it’s like, that’s not what people want. It’s not what people are tuning in for.”

The Impact on TNA and the Wrestling Industry

Love’s criticism of Carter paints a stark picture of the behind-the-scenes struggles at TNA. It raises questions about the leadership abilities of Dixie Carter and her past influence on the company’s direction. The echoes of Martinez’s experiences further bolster these concerns.

As the dust continues to settle, wrestling fans and industry insiders are left wondering about the full impact of Carter’s leadership on TNA.

The revelations have also reignited discussions about the role of women in leadership positions within the wrestling industry.

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