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Former WWE Superstar BREAKS SILENCE on their release

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In a recent revelation, former WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler, now known by his real name Nic Nemeth, has opened up about his departure from WWE.

His exit, part of a series of talent cuts on September 21, came as a surprise to many, given his status as a former World Heavyweight Champion.

Dolph Ziggler WWE: The Journey to Release

Nemeth’s journey post-release began with a striking appearance at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 18, alongside his brother Ryan.

This marked a new chapter in his wrestling career, following the end of his non-compete clause. At the event, he confronted the new IWGP Global Champion David Finlay, hinting at future showdowns in the NJPW ring.

Breaking the Silence

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Nemeth shared insights into his mindset leading up to his release. He expressed a sense of preparedness, having anticipated a change for several months.

Nemeth highlighted his diminishing opportunities in WWE, from limited match durations to predictable outcomes, which led him to contemplate his future in the industry.

“I was ready to go anyway,” Nemeth stated, emphasizing his readiness to take on any challenge, even a hypothetical 30-minute match with The Undertaker.

His proactive approach included reaching out to management, signalling his intention to explore new horizons.


  • Who is Dolph Ziggler?
    • Dolph Ziggler, now known as Nic Nemeth, is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a professional wrestler.
  • Why did Nic Nemeth leave WWE?
    • Nemeth left WWE due to limited opportunities and a desire for new challenges in his wrestling career.
  • What is Nemeth’s next move after leaving?
    • Nemeth has made his return to wrestling with NJPW, debuting at Wrestle Kingdom 18.
  • Did Nemeth plan his departure from WWE?
    • Yes, Nemeth had been preparing for his departure for several months, anticipating a need for change.
  • What was Nemeth’s reaction to his WWE release?
    • While he was emotionally impacted, Nemeth viewed his release as an opportunity to refocus and prepare for new challenges.
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