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ECW Legend reveals MULTIPLE surgeries they need

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In a recent revelation that has stirred the wrestling community, ECW icon Sabu has disclosed his need for multiple surgeries, a testament to the physical toll his illustrious wrestling career has taken on his body.

Despite retiring from in-ring competition two years ago due to injury, Sabu plans a return for one final match, contingent on undergoing these critical surgeries.

Sabu’s Ongoing Health Battles post-ECW career

Sabu’s career, marked by high-risk manoeuvres and no-holds-barred matches, has led to a series of health issues.

The legend himself admitted to needing knee and shoulder replacements but has delayed these surgeries. His commitment to fitness remains unwavering, as he continues to visit the gym despite the pain.

“I’ve felt better. I don’t feel really bad, but I feel pretty bad. My knee, my back, and my shoulders, they all need surgery,” Sabu stated in an interview on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.

Sabu ECW: Recovery and Determination

Sabu’s resilience in the face of adversity is well-documented. Following a hip replacement, he returned to working out within six months, a quick recovery given the nature of the surgery.

However, his neck and back continue to pose challenges, with spinal stenosis in his back being a particular concern.

Despite these hurdles, Sabu’s determination to step back into the ring for one last match remains undiminished.


  • What surgeries does Sabu need?
    • Sabu requires knee and shoulder replacements, and he has already undergone hip surgery.
  • Why did Sabu retire from wrestling?
    • Sabu retired due to an injury he sustained two years ago.
  • Is Sabu planning to return to wrestling?
    • Yes, Sabu intends to come out of retirement for one final match, pending his surgeries.
  • What is spinal stenosis, and how does it affect Sabu?
    • Spinal stenosis is a condition involving the narrowing of the spinal canal, which can cause pain and discomfort. Sabu suffers from this condition in his back.
  • How long did Sabu take to recover from his hip surgery?
    • Sabu took about six months to start working out again after his hip surgery.
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