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ECW legend says “ONE MORE MATCH” with Sabu COULD happen

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In a recent episode of his podcast 1 Of A Kind, ECW legend Rob Van Dam expressed confidence that a match with his former tag-team partner and rival Sabu is still a possibility.

Despite Sabu being in his late 50s, RVD believes that a showdown between the two ECW originals could indeed materialize.

Wrestling News: RVD’s Optimism for a Final Match

Rob Van Dam, known for his high-flying and risk-taking style in the ring, discussed the potential of one more match with Sabu.

He mentioned, “Absolutely, it can happen. I’ve definitely seen wrestlers in worse conditions than Sabu pull it off, a lot of guys have done their whole careers in worse condition than Sabu is with less mobility.”

Wrestling News: A Joint Retirement Tour?

RVD also touched upon a past idea of a joint retirement tour with Sabu. He recalled, “It was an idea that seemed like it might be feasible 10 years ago, maybe longer.

“I just figured he would wrestle himself into the ground, and since I’m a little bit younger, maybe it would just work out that way.”

However, he clarified that if such a match were to happen, it might not necessarily be his own retirement match, though he would be honoured to be Sabu’s opponent in his.

Sabu’s Final Match

Sabu, a wrestler known for his daredevil antics and hardcore style, has recently expressed his desire to wrestle his final match sometime this year.

However, the details regarding the date and opponent for this match remain unannounced.


  • Who is Rob Van Dam?
    • Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestler, famous for his tenure in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) during the late 1990s.
  • What is the significance of a match between RVD and Sabu?
    • Both wrestlers are legends from ECW, known for their high-risk styles. A match between them would be a nostalgic event for fans of that era.
  • Has Sabu announced his retirement?
    • Sabu has indicated his wish to wrestle his final match this year, though specific details are yet to be confirmed.
  • What did RVD say about Sabu’s condition?
    • RVD believes that Sabu is still capable of performing, noting that many wrestlers have competed in worse conditions.
  • Was there a plan for a joint retirement tour?
    • RVD mentioned a past idea about a joint retirement tour with Sabu, but it seems this plan has evolved over time.
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