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Eric Bischoff makes BIG claim about major Free Agent

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the competition between WWE and AEW is intensifying, especially in the race to sign top free agents.

Recently, Eric Bischoff, a renowned figure in the industry, shared his insights on one of the hottest free agents, Kazuchika Okada, and the challenges he faces in the American wrestling scene.

Wrestling News: The Unknown Giant – Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada, despite being a significant name in wrestling, remains largely unrecognized outside the internet and social media circles in the United States.

Bischoff, on his show Strictly Business, discussed Okada’s current standing and the crucial decisions he must make. The key question Bischoff raises is who among the wrestling promotions can elevate Okada to a status akin to AJ Styles in the U.S. market.

Wrestling News: The Challenge of Recognition

Bischoff pointed out that even the most talented wrestlers face the hurdle of gaining recognition in the U.S. He cited MJF as an exception in AEW, attributing his success more to his own abilities than the promotion’s influence.

Bischoff’s observation is stark, outside the internet wrestling community, many wrestlers could go unrecognized in American cities:

“MJF is definitely the hottest talent in AEW right now, and I think that has a lot more to do with MJF than Tony Khan” Bischoff noted.

“Outside of the internet wrestling fanbase, 75% of that roster [in AEW] could walk down the street in any city in the United States and nobody would recognize them.”

Cultural and Legal Hurdles

Another significant aspect Bischoff touched upon is the cultural and legal challenges international wrestlers face when moving to the U.S.

He emphasised the complexity and expense of the legal process, highlighting the difficulties Okada might encounter in transitioning to the American wrestling scene.


  • Who is Kazuchika Okada?
    • Kazuchika Okada is a prominent professional wrestler, currently a major free agent being targeted by WWE and AEW.
  • What did Eric Bischoff say about Okada?
    • Bischoff discussed Okada’s relative anonymity in the U.S. and the challenges he faces in gaining recognition and success in the American wrestling market.
  • What are the main challenges for wrestlers like Okada in the U.S.?
    • The challenges include gaining recognition outside of internet wrestling communities and navigating cultural and legal barriers.
  • Why is MJF mentioned by Bischoff?
    • MJF is cited as an exception in AEW, where his success is attributed more to his own talent than the promotion’s influence.
  • How does Bischoff’s background inform his views?
    • Bischoff’s extensive experience in the wrestling industry provides him with a deep understanding of the challenges and dynamics of the market, especially regarding talent acquisition and promotion.
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