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Eric Bischoff raises question about Bret Hart’s career-ending injury

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For the longest time Bret Hart has blamed Goldberg for ending his wrestling career. The legendary wrestler hasn’t forgiven Goldberg even today and he takes shots at the former WCW star every now and then. Eric Bischoff however, has now stirred up the debate by questioning whether it was really the botched kick that led to the end of Hart’s career.

The former WCW President discussed the Starrcade 1999 match between the two veterans on his podcast (H/t Ringsidenews).  He claimed that Bret Hart could have suffered the concussion during a different spot:

‘I’m looking at Bret bouncing his head off the concrete or the ring post, whatever it was, and if I had to put my money, I would put it on that concussion occurring on that bump as much or more so than the kick to the head.’

Eric Bischoff on Bret Hart

Bischoff said that he is not trying to disrespect Bret Hart but just pointing out something which he thinks is worthy of discussion:

‘I’m not saying that to be controversial, I’m not saying that out of disrespect to Bret. I’m just pointing out what I think is something that is at least worthy of discussion if we’re going to keep blaming Bill Goldberg for that concussion. Because I’m not sure, if this was played in front of a jury, you could convince a jury that that was true.’

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Martin MacDonald