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WWE Hall of Famer calls TNA Wrestling a “pimple on a pig’s ass”

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In a candid revelation, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff didn’t mince words when discussing TNA Wrestling’s recent rebranding.

On his podcast, Strictly Business, Bischoff delved deep into the world of professional wrestling, offering insights that only someone with his experience could provide.

Bischoff acknowledged the power of nostalgia in the wrestling industry. He recognised that there’s a certain allure to bringing back old brands, especially when they have a dedicated fan base. However, he was quick to point out that TNA Wrestling, despite its loyal following, never really made a significant mark in the wrestling world.

He likened TNA to a “pimple on a pig’s ass”, suggesting that its impact was minimal at best. While it had its moments of glory, especially when it was a fresh face in the wrestling scene, it never reached the heights of other wrestling promotions. Bischoff even drew parallels with AEW’s initial buzz, hinting that while new promotions can generate excitement, sustaining that momentum is a different ball game altogether.

The Value of the TNA Brand

One of the most striking points Bischoff made was about the inherent value of the TNA brand. He felt that the brand never really had enough value to warrant a rebranding.

He even touched upon the controversial origins of the TNA name, which was initially a Vince Russo idea. Over time, the brand tried to move away from its risqué connotations, rebranding itself as “Total Nonstop Action”. However, Bischoff believes that the name change was merely cosmetic and didn’t add any real value to the promotion.

Impact Wrestling’s Ratings Dilemma

Bischoff also commented on the ratings of Impact Wrestling, the promotion that succeeded TNA. He was quite critical, suggesting that their viewership numbers were not impressive. He even humorously mentioned that a simple YouTube video of him cooking a steak could garner similar views.

Bischoff emphasised the importance of presentation in wrestling. No matter how talented the roster or how creative the storylines are, if a promotion doesn’t look and feel significant, it’s unlikely to see a surge in audience numbers.


  • Who is Eric Bischoff?
    • Eric Bischoff is a WWE Hall of Famer and a prominent figure in the wrestling industry. He has been involved in various capacities, including as an executive and on-screen personality.
  • What did Eric Bischoff say about TNA Wrestling?
    • Bischoff referred to TNA Wrestling as a “pimple on a pig’s ass”, suggesting it had minimal impact in the wrestling world.
  • Why did TNA rebrand itself as “Total Nonstop Action”?
    • TNA tried to move away from its initial risqué connotations, opting for a name that reflected more action-oriented programming.
  • How does Bischoff view Impact Wrestling’s ratings?
    • Bischoff believes that Impact Wrestling’s ratings are not impressive and emphasises the importance of presentation in wrestling.
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