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TNA legend talks dealing with POLITICS backstage in WWE

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Gail Kim, a renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently shed light on her experiences with backstage politics during her tenure in WWE during an interview with Ring the Belle.

Her journey, marked by both challenges and triumphs, offers a unique insight into the intricate dynamics of the wrestling industry.

WWE News: The Impact of Backstage Politics

Kim’s stint in WWE was not without its difficulties. She recounted an incident where she was slated to compete in a Divas Championship match against Maryse, only to discover on the day of the event that the match had been cancelled:

This last-minute change, as Kim revealed, was a result of internal politics within the company. Such experiences are not uncommon in the wrestling world, where creative decisions are often influenced by factors beyond the performers’ control.

Reflections on a Varied Career

Despite these setbacks, Kim maintains a positive outlook on her career. She expressed gratitude for her time in TNA, particularly in the Knockouts division, which she considers a significant part of her wrestling journey.

Kim’s achievements in TNA, where she also took on roles as a producer and on-screen authority figure, underscore her versatility and resilience in the industry (h/t WrestlingINC):

“Politics happens sometimes, once in a while… You look back in hindsight, and you just realize, if I wasn’t treated that way, if I wasn’t used in a different way, would I have had these other moments in TNA and accomplished what I’ve accomplished?”

WWE News: Gail Kim’s Future Prospects and WWE Relations

Looking ahead, Kim has not ruled out a return to WWE, although she acknowledges that her past actions may have burned some bridges.

Her decision not to participate in the 2024 women’s Royal Rumble, however, does not close the door on future opportunities.

Kim’s openness to a potential WWE comeback reflects her enduring passion for wrestling and her willingness to embrace new challenges.

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