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Hangman Page has an emotional message for Dark Order

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The Dark Order has been an important part of Hangman Page’s AEW journey. After Brodie Lee’s passing, supporting Page gave the group a new meaning. They helped him in his quest to win the world title. Page’s championship victory concluded one of the best long-term storylines the company has told till now. Since then many feel that the group has been sidelined. Page himself however still feels the same about them.

The former AEW world champion recently wrote down an emotional message for the Dark Order on Instagram. He noted that you have to continue growing. After his falling out with The Elite, he was afraid that he won’t have anyone to push him further:

‘’˜After you get famous, you stop growing. You don’t have to. After being an even small part of a movement with the Elite and our subsequent falling out I was a afraid of stagnation. I was happy, fulfilled, and getting a good paycheck; but without anyone to push me further.”

Hangman Page continued with messages to individual members of the Dark Order before thanking the group for their support:

“I owe a lot of my career to Matt, Nick, and Kenny. I owe as much to these guys too. Thank you for helping me continue to grow.’

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Martin MacDonald