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How much money Mick Foley was making at the peak of his career

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The late 90s were the peak years of Mick Foley’s wrestling career.

Foley first had his infamous Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker at the King of the Ring 1998. He then defeated The Rock in January 1999 to win his first WWE championship. Foley discussed this time period on the recent episode of his Foley Is Pod podcast (H/t ITR wrestling). Revealing his salary from the time, Mick disclosed that he was making $400,000 per year:

‘Yeah, $400,000 felt like the holy grail to me, where if I could get a couple years at 400 that we could save a lot of money. Looking back at 400 grand was a lot of money.”

Mick Foley mentioned how there was a time when he thought that one can save a lot of money at such a salary in just a couple of years. He later realized that it wasn’t the case:

“But you need to have 10 years at 400 before you can say that you’re good, you know, like, it’s even then, you know, you’re with taxes and travelling all that. I mean, this is, I know a lot of the country is struggling and a lot of people listening would love to be in a position where they’re making $400,000 25 years ago.’

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Martin MacDonald