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Hidden Jack Perry message during NJPW debut sends Twitter WILD

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In a stunning turn of events, Jack Perry, formerly suspended from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), made a dramatic statement during his debut at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s (NJPW) Battle in the Valley.

This move has sent ripples through the wrestling community, particularly on Twitter, where fans and analysts alike are buzzing about the implications of Perry’s actions.

Jack Perry: Bold NJPW Entrance

Perry’s NJPW debut was anything but ordinary. His unexpected entrance was marked by an attack on Shota Umino, a move that instantly grabbed the audience’s attention.

However, it was what followed that truly set the wrestling world abuzz.

A Direct Message to AEW

In a bold and symbolic gesture, Perry tore up his AEW contract on camera, a clear message to Tony Khan’s company.

This act of defiance comes after his suspension from AEW due to his involvement in the Brawl In, which also saw CM Punk fired from the organization.

Punk has since returned to WWE, but Perry has remained absent from AEW television.

Jack Perry: Hidden Message

Perry also mouthed something to the camera after he attacked Umino, with fans picking up that he was likely firing a shot at Tony Khan.

Perry seemed to say “Don’t you wish I would’ve gotten a phone call, huh?” although it is difficult to figure out exactly what he said.

You can check out the reactions on Twitter/X below:


  • What did Jack Perry do at NJPW’s Battle in the Valley?
    • Jack Perry attacked Shota Umino and tore up his AEW contract on camera.
  • Why was Jack Perry suspended from AEW?
    • He was suspended following his involvement in the Brawl In incident.
  • What does the “Scapegoat” armband signify?
    • It appears to be a symbolic reference to his situation with AEW, possibly suggesting he feels unfairly treated or blamed.
  • Has CM Punk returned to wrestling?
    • Yes, CM Punk has returned to WWE following his firing from AEW.
  • What is the wrestling community’s reaction to Perry’s actions?
    • The community is abuzz with speculation and discussion, particularly on Twitter, about the implications of Perry’s actions for his future in wrestling.
  • Will Jack Perry’s actions at NJPW affect his status with AEW?
    • It remains to be seen how this will impact his relationship with AEW and his future in professional wrestling.
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