John Cena: A current WWE Champion wants a match against him

John Cena WWE Microphone

Image Copyright: WWE

A top WWE Superstar and Champion on the main roster has revealed that they want to defend their title against John Cena.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, the WWE Intercontinental Champion and the ‘Ring General’ Gunther revealed how he wants to face the ‘GOAT’ of WWE.

“I am going to give this title the prestige it needs and make it the greatest prize in wrestling” the former PROGRESS Wrestling Champion revealed.

“I would like to wrestle John Cena and anyone else who is considered elite. As I didn’t come here to be mediocre” Gunther continued.

“I came here to be in the ring with the best. I’m just getting started. I’m very excited for this journey,” the Austrian star concluded.

John Cena vs Gunther

Cena vs the IC Champion would certainly be something that we would be happy to see. What makes it even more interesting is that Cena has never actually won the Intercontinental title, and it would be the final belt left for him to try and gain.

Could it happen? It’s certainly not out of the realms of possibility.

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