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Former ECW Champion comments on Royal Rumble return

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Royal Rumble is the PPV of shocking returns and surprise appearances. Former ECW champion John Morrison is one who wouldn’t mind the chance to go back and take care of some unfinished business.

The former WWE star was asked about a potential Royal Rumble appearance by Chris Van Vliet. He mentioned that he has unfinished business with The Miz, and many other people on the roster:

‘That wouldn’t be the worst thing. Imagine how cool that would be for WWE. I have a ton of unfinished business. Unfinished business with my frenemy, The Miz, and a ton of people on the roster.”

John Morrison on potential WWE Royal Rumble return

John Morrison explained that he has history with people in every WWE roster, be it Raw, SmackDown or NXT. It would be great for him to go back because he loves wrestling:

“In the business of professional wrestling, if you look at the rosters of RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Rampage, Dynamite, IMPACT, MLW, Ring of Honor, NWA, I have a personal history and issues with everybody. Not everybody, but a lot of people on every one of those rosters. It would be great to go back to WWE, it would be great to go to any one of those rosters because there is a ton of unfinished business, a ton of new matchups, and mostly because I like wrestling.’

There are a number of former Superstars that fans are hoping to see make their way back to the company as part of the Rumble match, but it is not likely that we’ll be seeing Morrison this Saturday.

Morrison is currently scheduled to be boxing as part of the Creator Clash 2 event later this year.

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Martin MacDonald