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MASSIVE NJPW star breaks silence on decision to LEAVE the company

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In a move that has sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling world, Kazuchika Okada, one of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s (NJPW) biggest stars, has finally broken his silence regarding his decision to leave the company.

Okada’s departure marks the end of an era for NJPW, where he has been a pivotal figure for over a decade.

Wrestling News: The Reasons Behind Okada’s Departure

Okada, often hailed as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of his generation, cited several reasons for his departure.

In a candid interview with Tokyo Sports, he expressed a desire for new challenges and experiences outside the NJPW realm.

Okada mentioned, “I’ve achieved everything I could in NJPW. Now, I want to test my skills on a different stage.” This statement reflects his ambition and the restless spirit that has characterised his career.

Wrestling News: Impact on NJPW and the Wrestling World

  • Okada’s departure leaves a significant void in NJPW, where he has been a top draw and a key player in some of the company’s most memorable matches.
  • His decision has sparked discussions about the future direction of NJPW and the shifting landscape of professional wrestling globally.

Okada’s Legacy in NJPW

During his tenure with NJPW, Okada has had a storied career, marked by historic matches and numerous championship reigns.

He has been instrumental in elevating the company’s profile on the international stage, engaging in rivalries that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Okada’s legacy in NJPW is not just about the titles he’s won but also about the standard of excellence he set in the ring.

What’s Next for Okada?

While Okada has remained tight-lipped about his immediate plans, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation.

Promotions around the world would undoubtedly be eager to sign a performer of his calibre. Wherever he goes next, Okada is sure to make a significant impact.


  • Why did Kazuchika Okada leave NJPW?
    • Okada left NJPW seeking new challenges and experiences outside the company.
  • What has been Okada’s impact on NJPW?
    • Okada has been a key figure in NJPW, known for his historic matches and championship reigns, significantly elevating the company’s international profile.
  • What are Okada’s future plans?
    • Okada has not disclosed specific plans but is expected to continue his wrestling career on a global stage.
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