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Kazuchika Okada’s merchandise REMOVED from sale hinting at potential SIGNING

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In a move that has sparked widespread speculation among wrestling fans, Kazuchika Okada‘s merchandise has been slated for removal from Pro Wrestling Tees following his departure from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

This development comes after Okada, a pivotal figure in NJPW for several years, announced his exit from the promotion, becoming a free agent by the end of January.

Wrestling News: Okada’s Next Move – WWE or AEW?

The wrestling world is abuzz with where Okada will land next. WWE has shown a keen interest in the star, and there’s a palpable chance they might secure his talents unless All Elite Wrestling (AEW) presents a more enticing offer.

Despite not appearing at WWE’s Royal Rumble, fan speculation about Okada’s WWE debut has not waned, fueled further by the removal of his merchandise from Pro Wrestling Tees.

Ryan Barkan, the founder of Pro Wrestling Tees, revealed on Facebook that he was instructed to pull all Okada-related merchandise from the store, giving fans a narrow window of approximately 12 hours to make any last-minute purchases.

This sudden decision has led many to believe that Okada’s signing with WWE is imminent, although it is primarily linked to his NJPW contract conclusion.

Wrestling News: The Impact of Okada’s Departure

Kazuchika Okada’s departure from NJPW marks the end of an era for the promotion and the wrestler himself.

Known as “The Rainmaker,” Okada has been a dominant force in professional wrestling, captivating audiences worldwide with his skill, charisma, and memorable matches.

His potential move to WWE or AEW could significantly impact the wrestling landscape, offering new rivalries and fresh storylines.


  • Why was Kazuchika Okada’s merchandise removed?
    • Okada’s merchandise was removed from Pro Wrestling Tees following instructions related to his NJPW contract expiration and subsequent free agency.
  • Where is Kazuchika Okada going next?
    • While not officially confirmed, speculation is rife that WWE might be his next destination, although AEW has also shown interest.
  • What does this mean for NJPW?
    • Okada’s exit is a significant loss for NJPW, removing one of its most iconic figures and drawing attention to the competitive nature of wrestling promotions vying for top talent.
  • How has the fan community reacted?
    • The wrestling community has been abuzz with speculation and anticipation regarding Okada’s next move, with many hoping for a high-profile debut in WWE or AEW.
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