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Kevin Nash says no one in today’s wrestling has any heat

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Kevin Nash thinks that wrestling has turned into a spot fest and no one today has any real heat.

The nWo member debuted his podcast Kliq This on AdFreeShows (H/t WrestlingInc). During the inaugural episode, he talked about his issues with the current wrestling product. Nash claimed that no one in today’s wrestling looks like they can even throw a punch:

‘The thing that I found out or realized was nobody has any heat, there’s nobody on the television show that I look at and say, ’˜That person, if this was real and kicked my door down, I’d be like, oh f***.’ They’re athletic but they don’t look like they can even throw a f***ing punch.’

Kevin Nash also talked about the changed wrestling style compared to his days. Echoing the opinion of many fellow Attitude Era stars, the former WCW star said that today’s wrestling has become a spot fest where nobody sells anything:

‘I think what it is just the work style has changed where it’s a spot fest, to me, it almost feels ’” when I watch I match, I realize now that both companies do it when they go to commercial break, the action is in a small box. And I actually enjoy that more because they’re going so f***ing fast on a large screen TV, you’re like, ’˜Slow the f*** down!’ It’s too just too fast, nobody sells sh**.’

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Martin MacDonald