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Kota Ibushi provides health update following MAJOR surgery

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Renowned professional wrestler Kota Ibushi has recently provided an update on his health following significant surgery. Ibushi, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, underwent surgery on January 17, 2024, after sustaining a severe injury during a match at NOAH The New Year on January 2.

The injury, initially an ankle issue, escalated to a point where Ibushi could not stand post-match, necessitating immediate medical attention.

In a candid tweet, Ibushi revealed that his ligament was completely torn, a condition exacerbated by pre-existing ligament issues in other areas.

He was immobilised in a cast extending to below the knee. Ibushi’s update also highlighted concerns about his shoulder, which he admitted was not in perfect condition. Determined to address all his injuries, Ibushi expressed his intention to fully recover this time.

Wrestling News: The Impact of Injuries on Ibushi’s Career

Ibushi’s career has been periodically hampered by injuries. Notably, he suffered a shoulder injury in October 2021, which sidelined him for over a year.

He made a comeback in March 2023 but has since participated in only a few matches. Pro Wrestling NOAH, the organisation Ibushi was competing for, confirmed the extent of his injuries, diagnosing him with a right tibiofibular ligament tear and a right ankle lateral ligament complex injury.

Wrestling News: Ibushi’s Future in Wrestling

As Ibushi embarks on his recovery journey, the wrestling community and his fans await further updates on his condition and his potential return to the ring.

His resilience and determination have been hallmarks of his career, and many hope to see him make a triumphant return.


  • What injury did Kota Ibushi sustain?
    • Ibushi suffered a complete tear of a ligament, along with other ligament issues, and a shoulder condition.
  • When did Ibushi undergo surgery?
    • He underwent surgery on January 17, 2024.
  • What is the status of Ibushi’s shoulder?
    • Ibushi stated that his shoulder is not in perfect condition and he intends to address this issue as part of his recovery.
  • How long has Ibushi been out of action due to injuries?
    • Ibushi was out of action for over a year due to a shoulder injury in 2021 and has only wrestled a few times since his return in March 2023.
  • What are Ibushi’s plans for his wrestling career?
    • While Ibushi has not specified his plans, he has expressed a strong intention to recover fully and potentially return to wrestling.
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