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Mark Henry shares FRUSTRATIONS with The Rock during WWE training days

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Mark Henry was frustrated with The Rock’s training because of how good he was.

Both Mark Henry and The Rock made their WWE debuts in 1996, only a few months apart. Despite being put on TV early in their careers, neither of them had a lot of experience in the ring at the time. So they were both sent to train with wrestling veteran Tom Prichard.

During a recent appearance on The Kurt Angle podcast, Henry shared some memories of their time training together. He remembered how The Hollywood star didn’t have a lot of money when he first came in:

“Man. I remember like the first day he came to Connecticut to training with me and Dr. Tom, me and Tom Prichard trained in the warehouse. Being the first two developmental wrestlers, I think WWE did pretty damn good. He came in, he was broke. The bags that he had with him was all he had. I had a two-bedroom apartment. Because that was all that the building, the office had. They didn’t have a one bedroom so it kind of worked out. I told him, You can stay with me, man. Just ain’t no bedroom suit. We gotta buy you a bed. He was like, ‘Man, I ain’t got no money.’ I said, Listen, ‘Let’s go get some furniture. Put you in there. You pay me back when you get some money.’ So he moved in with me. We lived together for about nine months.”

Mark Henry recalls training sessions with The Rock

Mark Henry discussed how it took him a long time to learn the basics of wrestling. Things weren’t the same for The Rock, however, and according to the Hall of Famer, the People’s Champion could pick up things after being taught just once:

“I’m gonna tell you something. Second-generation wrestlers have an extreme advantage over everybody else because they understand storytelling and psychology. Even though they don’t know how to hit the ropes, they’ve seen them done 1000 times. They don’t know how to grab a headlock and do a takeover. But they seen it 1000 times. All they gotta do it is once and then they go ‘Oh, okay, I got it.’ That was him. I was so frustrated because Tom Prichard could do stuff with him one time and then he can do it, and I was like ‘Shit.’ It got to the point to where, when I was working with him, we couldn’t do stuff over and over because he would go and do it with Tom. They would do like three minutes or five minutes and shit. I’d be standing there like, look at this… he already know how. That’s how visibly good he was.”

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