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Matt Riddle names WWE legend that supported him through personal issues

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Matt Riddle says Randy Orton has a place in his heart forever

The former WWE star appeared on the new episode of The Kurt Angle Show. Among other things he talked about his RK Bro tag team partner. Riddle first discussed Randy’s return at Survivor Series before divulging into their personal relationship:

“How good does Randy look? He comes back hitting RKO Left and right, moving good. I’m super stoked for Randy coming back and everything like that. I can’t thank him enough for being my tag team partner.” said Matt Riddle, “He really helped me out through like a lot of tough times.

“Because I was going through a divorce at the time and everything else and he’s been through a similar situation. He was just a real brother. Especially, when you’re on the road, it’s not like I can call anybody. I can, but it’s not the same and to have him there and be that supportive because you know how Randy can be. For him to be that supportive to me, it was nice. Randy has a spot in my heart forever.”

The successful tag team run of Matt Riddle and Randy Orton came to an abrupt halt when Orton was taken out by a back injury in mid-2022. Before The Viper could return from his 18-month-long hiatus, however, Riddle found himself embroiled in yet another controversy. He made claims about wrongful treatment at the JFK airport and was subsequently released from WWE in late 2023.

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