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Update on future of WWE star after SHOCKING RELEASE

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Matt Riddle is drawing interest from both the wrestling and the MMA world, beyond WWE.

WWE released over a dozen superstars earlier this month after the completion of their merger with UFC. The list included a few surprising names such as Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin and Dana Brooke.

The most shocking name to have been let go by the company however has to be the former UFC star. The Ultimate Bro was featured regularly on TV and the management seemed to have future plans for him before he was released from his contract.

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Matt Riddle’s future beyond WWE

Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline provided some updates on Matt Riddle’s future. He noted that the former WWE star has been drawing interest from a number of companies since being fired:

“Since the word last week of his being let go, there has been interest by a number of companies in both pro wrestling and MMA.

“Most pro wrestling companies of any size immediately expressed interest, and in MMA, both PFL and Bare Knuckle Fighting had expressed interest due to his name value from WWE and the fact he was a decent MMA fighter.”

According to Meltzer, if not for the negative publicity and baggage associated with him, Riddle would be an obvious choice for AEW. A lot of people in the company have said that AEW “doesn’t need new talent that can’t be top guys” since their roster is already large enough.

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