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Vince McMahon once fired a wrestler for being late to work

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Vince McMahon is a known workaholic and someone who greatly appreciates good work ethics. This also means that he does not like people who make excuses for not getting their work done. According to Maven there was a former WWE star that got fired for this exact reason.

In a new video posted on his YouTube Channel, The former Hardcore Champion discussed the different things that can get you in trouble backstage. During the video, he also told the story of a unnamed talent, who got fired for making an excuse for being late:

“There was actually one time that an excuse got someone fired. So let me set the scene for you. It was a TV taping, like all others. It wasn’t often that Vince would call everyone together for a full talent meeting. So when we were all gathered there, there was a hush, there was a quiet, waiting to hear exactly what was on his mind because something was setting him off.

We didn’t notice it at that moment. But there was a fellow wrestler who was absent from that meeting. Vince let everyone know this person was absent because not only were they late, but then they made the excuse that they did not get a wake up call.

Vince made the statement ‘If you’re trusting someone who is working a minimum wage job to get you to your place of employment on time, you’re not the person I want in this company.’ Trust me, his point was made. Everybody left that meeting with a little bit more desire to make sure that anywhere we had to be, we weren’t just going to be on time. Hell, we were going to be early.”

Maven also told stories about wrestlers getting in trouble with top talent for not knowing their place and more. You can check out the video embedded below:

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