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Released WWE name OPEN to TNA return

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In a surprising twist in the wrestling world, McKenzie Mitchell, a recently released WWE name, has expressed openness to returning to IMPACT Wrestling, now rebranded as TNA.

Mitchell, known for her role as a backstage interviewer for the NXT brand since 2019, found herself out of WWE in December 2023.

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McKenzie Mitchell’s Wrestling Journey

Before her stint with WWE, Mitchell was a familiar face in IMPACT Wrestling. Her potential return to Total Non-stop Action Wrestling, even if just for a one-off, has sparked interest among fans and colleagues alike.

In a conversation with WrestleZone, Mitchell reflected on the possibility of a comeback. “It would be a homecoming if I did come back to IMPACT,” she said, highlighting her connections with current TNA stars like Jordynne Grace, and Gail Kim.

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The Prospect of a TNA Return

Mitchell’s openness to a TNA return hinges on the right circumstances. “I think if a unique situation presented itself to where it worked out with IMPACT, I could certainly see myself going back for a couple of gigs,” she mentioned.

This statement indicates her willingness to explore opportunities that align with her career path in 2024.

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Impact of Mitchell’s Potential TNA Return

Mitchell’s return to TNA could be significant for several reasons. Firstly, it would mark a reunion with former colleagues and friends, potentially rekindling on-screen chemistry.

Secondly, her experience in WWE’s NXT brand could bring a fresh perspective to TNA programming.


  • Who is McKenzie Mitchell? McKenzie Mitchell is a professional wrestling interviewer and personality, known for her work in WWE’s NXT brand and IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Why is McKenzie Mitchell’s return to Total Non-Stop Action significant? Her return would bring a blend of experience and familiarity, potentially enhancing TNA’s programming with her unique interviewing style and connections within the industry.
  • Has McKenzie Mitchell confirmed her return to TNA? As of now, Mitchell has expressed openness to the idea but has not confirmed any specific plans for a return to the company.
  • When did McKenzie Mitchell leave WWE? McKenzie Mitchell was released from WWE in December 2023.
  • What is TNA? TNA, or Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, now known as IMPACT Wrestling, is a professional wrestling promotion.

Mitchell’s potential return to TNA is a developing story, and fans are eager to see if this possibility turns into reality.

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