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Mercedes Mone makes huge reveal about her future

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NJPW star Mercedes Mone recently revealed that she has a lot going on in her new future and that she has huge plans beyond wrestling.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Mone revealed just how much she has going on outside of her ventures in-ring, including The Mandalorian.

“Besides just wrestling, I have so many auditions in the bank. I have├é┬ámovies coming up. I have TV shows coming out” Mone revealed.

“Besides just finishing ‘The Mandalorian’ season three, there is just so much coming for me. I just cannot believe just the amount of support and respect that I’ve been receiving from all over the world, not just wrestling fans, from ‘Star Wars’ fans, from all of the fans all over the world, just to see what I’m going to be doing next. I don’t know what’s next in my chapter, but I know that I have so much lined up” she concluded.

Mercedes Mone NJPW Future

It is interesting that the former Sasha Banks has made no mention of WWE recently, as there is absolutely a want from the company to bring her back at some point.

With Mone being able to control her own schedule and make outside deals though, would she even really want to return to WWE? That remains the big question ahead for her.

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