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Mercedes Mone Provides INJURY UPDATE Ahead of Return

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Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, has recently provided an eagerly awaited update on her injury and impending return to the ring.

Mone, a renowned figure in women’s wrestling, faced a significant setback during a pivotal match at NJPW Resurgence in May 2023.

Competing against Willow Nightingale for the inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship, Mone suffered a severe ankle injury.

This injury not only cost her the match but also led to an extended period away from the squared circle, leaving fans concerned and anticipating her return.

Mercedes Mone: Road to Recovery

In a recent update shared via a Cameo video, Mercedes Mone expressed her excitement and readiness to return to wrestling.

She emphasised her holistic approach to recovery, focusing not just on her physical health but also on her mental and spiritual well-being.

Her words resonated with determination and passion, as she stated, “I cannot wait to be back in the ring. It’s where I feel the most at home. It’s where I feel alive.”

Anticipation for 2024

While Mone has not specified an exact date for her return, she has hinted at a comeback with a wrestling company in 2024.

This news has sparked speculation and excitement among fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Her journey since departing WWE in 2022 has been eventful, with appearances in NJPW and STARDOM, and even being spotted in the crowd at AEW All In London in August 2023.

Mercedes Mone: Legacy and Future Prospects

Mercedes Mone’s career has been marked by groundbreaking achievements and a loyal fan following. Her transition from WWE to the international wrestling scene has opened new avenues and possibilities. As she prepares for her return, the wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation about where she will make her comeback and how she will continue to shape women’s wrestling.


  • What injury did Mercedes Mone suffer?
    • Mercedes Mone suffered a serious ankle injury at NJPW Resurgence in May 2023.
  • When is Mercedes Mone expected to return to wrestling?
    • While a specific date hasn’t been confirmed, she has indicated a return with a wrestling company in 2024.
  • What has Mercedes Mone been focusing on during her recovery?
    • Alongside physical healing, she has been focusing on her mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Has Mercedes Mone competed outside of WWE?
    • Yes, she has competed in NJPW and STARDOM since leaving WWE in 2022.
  • What is the significance of Mercedes Mone’s return?
    • Her return is significant due to her status as a prominent figure in women’s wrestling and her potential to impact the sport upon her comeback.
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