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Mercedes Mone makes a PROMISE ahead of the WWE Royal Rumble

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As the WWE Royal Rumble approaches, the wrestling world is abuzz with speculation and excitement. Among the most talked-about topics is the future of Mercedes Mone, a former WWE star and IWGP Women’s Champion.

Recently, Mone has been making headlines with her bold promises and intriguing hints about her career trajectory.

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Wrestling News: Mone’s Birthday Declaration

Celebrating her 32nd birthday, Mercedes Mone took to social media to share her aspirations and goals for the coming year.

In a heartfelt post, she expressed her gratitude for another year to chase her dreams and conquer new heights. Mone’s message was clear: she is ready to embark on an epic journey filled with adventure and fun, promising to shake the table like never before.

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Wrestling News: Speculations on Mone’s Next Move

The wrestling community is rife with speculation about Mone’s next move. After a successful stint with NJPW, where she reigned as the IWGP Women’s Champion before an injury sidelined her, all eyes are on her next career step.

Reports suggest that Mone might be joining AEW, especially after talks of a WWE return reportedly fell through over financial disagreements.

However, the unpredictability of wrestling means that a WWE comeback, though currently deemed improbable, cannot be entirely ruled out.

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The Impact of Mone’s Promise

Mercedes Mone’s promise to chase dreams and conquer new heights has resonated with fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Her determination and passion for the sport are evident, and her potential move to AEW or a surprise return to WWE would undoubtedly shake up the wrestling landscape.

As the Royal Rumble draws near, the anticipation surrounding Mone’s career decisions reaches a fever pitch.

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  • What is Mercedes Mone known for?
    • Mercedes Mone is known for her time in WWE and as the IWGP Women’s Champion in NJPW.
  • What did Mercedes Mone promise on her birthday?
    • She promised to chase her dreams and conquer new heights, indicating an exciting year ahead.
  • Is Mercedes Mone joining AEW?
    • There are strong speculations about her joining AEW, but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • Could Mercedes Mone return to WWE?
    • While currently seen as improbable, the unpredictable nature of wrestling leaves the possibility open.
  • What makes Mercedes Mone’s promise significant?
    • Her promise signifies her ambition and potential impact on the wrestling world, regardless of where she decides to compete next.
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